SBG Precision Farming manufactures advanced GPS steering systems for many different applications in agriculture. SBG Precision Farming was founded in the Netherlands in order to produce GPS systems that meet the high expectations of progressive Dutch farmers. A team of specialists, mostly with an agricultural background, are working on the development, production and service of the GPS systems. Staying in close contact with demanding users and intensive analysis of field tests are essential to constantly improve and expand the capabilities of our systems. Ease of use and reliability are key.

SBG Precision Farming is one of the largest players in the Dutch market for precision agriculture.

If you would like to know more about our products and services, please contact us.

SBG Precision Farming BV

Hoornseweg 22
1775 RB  Middenmeer
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 227 54 93 00

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Viper 4 TWIN

SBGuidance AUTO

SBGuidance TWIN


SBGuidance AutoPlough

SBGuidance Onland Plough

SBG SmartSwitch

SBG SmartBase

SBG SmartProfiler

John Deere iSteer


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